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We offer an excellent selection of fresh & fragrant dried herbs for tea as well as your culinary creations.  Herbal teas contain no caffeine and are a relaxing and satisfying brew enjoyable at any time of the day. 

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA:  Bunches of organic English lavender are tied and hanging on a barn door in this artwork from Canadian herbalist.

Organic Herbs                                                


There is nothing much more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh taste of a fragrant cup of organic herbal tea. Wonderfully tantalizing to the palate, herbs help provide a very economical beverage choice without caffeine. Our supplier has a vast network of growers around the world and are able to hand select only the finest botanical material based exclusively on taste, aroma and colour. The result is a superb cup with an unrivaled flavor profile which is sure to make you feel good all over. Fresh dried herbs make all the difference in the world to the quality of your brew as they result in a bold cup with a distinctive flavour rarely found in mass marketed products. Always use caution when purchasing botanical material many unscrupulously market inferior product and  incorrect botanical identity. 

We are Canadian importers of products from Mountain Rose Herbs which is certified organic through OTCO and the USDA.  We are not a certified organic facility but treat all product with great care and respect packaging in sustainable options.  Five cents of every dollar of sales dedicated to Clean Water Initiative Programs drilling wells in impoverished communities throughout the world. 

Our Graduated Discount Program begins with a $50.00 purchase.

ALL botanical product offered are organic, gluten-free, sulphite-free, with no irradiation and no sanitary gasses.  We package in sustainable wood cello, fully compostable.


For safety sake do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.



Calendula Flowers Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA:  A close up picture of dried orange flowers and petals a certified organic Calendula flower from the Mountain Rose Herbs Company available in Canada.

 Supplier Caution: Persons with allergies to
other members of the Asteraceae Family
(such as feverfew, chamomile or Echinacea
species) should exercise caution with
calendula as allergic cross-reactivity to
Asteraceae plants is common.

The calendula plant has been in use since ancient times. Dried flower has been utilized as an ingredient in teas, tinctures or infused in oil.  Calendula officinalis.

Sorry, experiencing a Supplier shortage.

90g   $12.17    
45g   $ 6.39  
25g   $ 3.68  


Chamomile Flowers Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA bright and cheerful chamomile flowers are presented on a white background, a non-irradiated organic whole chamomile tea from this Manitoba herb supplier.

Avoid if you have sensitivity to the Ragweed Family.  Plant genus:  Matricaria recutita

In North America chamomile is the most used plant in relaxing herbal teas as well as cosmetics and health & beauty aid products.  Brew in a closed container, taste reminiscent of apples.

90g   $15.00    
 45g   $ 7.90      
     25g   $ 4.65          



Dandelion Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA presents organic dandelion leaf for herbal tea loose leaf herb on a white background available in Manitoba.
Our supplier suggests to use with caution if you have gallstones.

Chai Black Tea Organic

Dandelion leaf in both the fresh and dried form makes a wonderful healthful tea.  A mild, grassy flavour.  Bulky dried economical brew.  Taraxacum officinale

    90g  $12.47      
     45g  $ 6.54      
     25g  $ 3.47       


Eucalyptus Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA pictured is fragrant organic eucalyptus leaf against a white backdrop another certified organic product of Mountain Rose Herbs available from this Canadian supplier located in Manitoba.

To be used with caution, may cause gastrio-
intestinal upset. Consult with physician prior to use.  Not for use with children or when
pregnant or breast feeding.

May be used in moderation as a tea, with cautions at left; used in herbal blends.  A popular ingredient in face washes and soothing in vapour form.  Eucalyptus globulus  Limited, supplier shortage.  Wlesale organic tea.

90g  $10.80       
45g  $ 5.70       
25g  $ 3.30   


English Lavender Flowers Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA pictured the lovely purple of the organic lavender flower tea against a white background, another quality certified organic botanical available in Manitoba Canada in the Gimli area.

Lavender flower is delicate & needs
special handling for best results.
Brew flowers from a simmer to heat
rather than boiling and then strain.

Origin: France  A popular herb for thousands of years in relaxing teas, baked goods and of course perfumery as one of the world's most known scents. Premium quality Lavandula angustifolia. 

90g   $14.97      
45g   $ 7.79    
25g   $ 4.45    



Lemon Balm Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA fresh and fragrant green lemon balm leaf is pictured in this certified organic lemon balm available to buy from this superior Manitoba supplier.

 A popular choice for herbal tea blends. 
Always purchase your herbs from a reliable
source, in some cases less costly citronella
has been sold as lemon balm.

Lemon Balm is from the mint family with a distinctively lemony scent and flavour. It is taken as a tea for it's relaxing qualities.  Melissa officinalis

90g   $12.80      
45g   $ 6.70    
  25g  $ 3.55      


Lemon Verbena Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA Lemon Verbena leaf is presented loosely on a white background, buy this dried certified organic lemon verbena from this Manitoba supplier of Mountain Rose Herbs.

Lemon Verbena is naturally stronger than
other lemon scented herbs so use moderately
in your recipes for flavouring as to not impart
too strong a presence.

Lemon verbena as a garden plant has a wonderful crisp and relaxing lemony scent.  Used in teas & as a flavouring in baking & jellies.  Aloysia citriodora

Sorry currently experiencing a Supplier shortage.

   90g  $12.60    
 45g  $ 6.60  

25g  $ 3.80


Nettle Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA a fresh green pile of dried organic Nettle Leaf is displayed on a crisp white background, a certified organic Nettle Leaf tea from this Manitoba Canadian supplier.

Supplier Caution: Because of its diuretic and
hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower
blood pressure.  Consult your doctor before
using nettle leaf, it's long term, extended
use is not recommended.

Nettle leaf is better known in Canada as stinging nettles or Urtica dioica.  Known for it's antioxidant properties, in dried form used in teas.  Please see our herbal tea selection for Nettle Tea blends.

90g  $12.50    
45g  $ 6.50    
25g  $ 3.80    


 Peppermint Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA green organic Peppermint Leaf tea is pictured piled on a bamboo mat another top quality product from this Manitoba herb importer completely non-irradiated and gluten free.

Wonderful tea to enjoy after a meal.

Genus:  Mentha piperita

**In bulk looseleaf form very economical choice, 
  brews at only .19 cents per cup!

Peppermint tea is the most common use of this versatile plant but also a popular flavouring.  Chemical pretenders can never match this organic dried herb's unique and refreshing super minty taste.

90g  $11.40     
 45g  $ 5.99    
25g  $ 3.47   



Red Raspberry Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA pictured loose leaf certified organic Red Raspberry Leaf in bulk on a white background completely free from chemicals.  Popular choice for pregnant women, should be discussed with physician.

Sourced from a reputable Canadian Supplier.

Genus: Rubus idaeus

Raspberry leaf tea is very pleasant tasting, much like black tea. North American women of Cherokee, Mohawk & Iroquois Nations drank tea made from Raspberry Leaf quite regularly.

90g   $ 8.60   
45g  $ 4.55   
25g  $ 2.65   


Rose Hips Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA pictures a pile of red dried certified organic rose hips against a white backdrop, another organic herbal tea from Manitoba.

Dried Rosehips

Genus:  Rosa spp

Rose hips develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off.  May be used to make tea, jelly, soup, syrup or liquors. Tart-sweet taste, some prefer to slightly sweeten tea with honey or cane sugar. 


90g  $10.45    

  45g  $ 5.53        
  25g  $ 3.20        


Pink Rose Petals Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA presents lovely organic pink rose petals against a white backdrop, certified organic, non-irradiated herbal tea from Manitoba supplier.

Genus:  Rosa damascena

Fragrant, soft pink rose petals are typically used in rose oil, rose water, ointments, and potpourri. Also as a tea, poultice, bath herb, pillow mix, body spray, etc.

Our supplier is encountering difficulty in acquiring quality pink rose petals. 

We will stock again once they become available to us.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


  Red Rose Petals Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA bright red quality organic red rose petals are displayed against a white background, a certified organic herbal tea product with no irradiation.

The rose is a flower which has been valued for it's beauty for thousands of years.
These vibrant red rose petals may be used in tea blends, bath herbs and as a pillow mix. Sourced from a reputable Canadian Supplier.  Genus:  Rosa
90g  $16.00    
45g  $ 8.40   
25g  $4.90   

Spearmint Leaf Organic

ORGANIC HERBS CANADA freshly dried certified organic spearmint leaf is pictured on a white background another quality herbal tea from this Manitoba supplier.

The Bible refers to tithes being paid to
the Pharoahs in anise, cumin & spearmint. Genus: Mentha Spicata
Taken as a tea and commonly added as flavouring. Also used in some culinary creations and meat dishes. Was considered a valuable medicinal herb for over a millenia.
90g  $12.00   
45g  $ 6.30   
25g  $ 3.63   



   For safety sake do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.

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