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The Sandy Hook Soap Factory is pleased to import exceptional quality all organic selections of teas, herbs and spices from an excellent Supplier free from irradiation, GMO's, gluten, sulphites and sanitary gasses. We package our products in carefully sourced fully compostable bags made from sustainable wood cello and offer a free shipping offer by combining any tea, herb and spice order with your soap order at no extra cost to you.

A lovely wholesome and natural presentation of organic herbs and organic spices presented in a decorative stainless steel open-style tea infuser with a pretty celestial design along the rim.  One can see fresh, brightly coloured non irradiated spices on a distressed wooden table part of the collection of quality botanicals you can buy from Organic Teas Canada dot com in Manitoba Canada.

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Organic Teas, Herbs & Spices


The Sandy Hook Soap Factory came to import and package organic teas, organic herbs and organic spices when we sourced top quality herbal ingredients for our handmade natural soaps.  Over the years we were so impressed with the botanical product supplied by Mountain Rose Herbs that we wished to offer their products in Canada.  They are a truly wonderful eco-friendly zero waste company with an ethical conscience promoting fair trade world wide with the admirable "Fair For Life" fair trade program dealing directly with the farmers at the most basic level.

All of our ingredients are from organic sources with no irradition, no GMO's (genetically modified organisms), no sulphites, no gluten, no fillers and no sanitary gas treatments.  Our packaging is done in fully compostable cello from sustainable wood sources or compostable kraft paper bags with vegetable based lining.  For best quality always store botanical purchases in a dark cupboard away from light and moisture sources.  Do not store products over the stove or on the kitchen counter as this will cause premature aging of any botanical.

We wish to introduce you to some of the more popular products which we offer on our website.  If this looks interesting you may wish to go there and view our extensive collection.  Shop from both Sites on the same day and pay only one low shipping flat rate fee of $11.95 to anywhere in Canada!  If all of your botanical shopping is being done from this page only it will be added to your soap cart and you will only check out once.  As an introductory offer when you buy $25.00+ of product from this page you may choose a free gift, details at the end of these listings. 

If you venture to shop at our website for more shopping choices you will need to check out twice.  Once there to pay for that product and once here to pay for your soap.  If this is done on the same day you will pay only one shipping fee with the organic herbs, teas and spices qualifying for free shipping.  Free product rewards are offered on both of our websites and we ask that you review the shipping page on both Sites for details in order to pick your own reward.

How to pay only one shipping fee if shopping on both sites on the same day:  Do all of your shopping on either Site and enter your postal code on the Shopping Cart.  The "Shipping" box will read $11.95.  Checkout.  Go to the alternate Site and select your products.  Enter your postal code and the "Shipping" box will read $11.95.  The "Shipping" box has a drop down feature, select "Pick Up .00".  Your second purchase ships free. Please note: If you are ordering teas, herbs and spices from this page only it will all be added to the same Shopping Cart as your soap and you will only checkout once. 

If you require any assistance please contact us, we are happy to offer exceptional customer service.


All Organic Black Teas, Green Teas, White Tea, Red Teas, Yerba Mate


A darkly brewed cup of organic black tea is presented in a wooden cup with loose leaf tea piled by its side.  The lovely natural presentation is on a bamboo mat an example of the top quality premium organic and fair trade teas offered by Organic Teas Canada dot com packaging the superior botanical material of Mountain Rose Herbs in Manitoba Canada.

Green Tea, White Tea and Black Tea are all from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis.  The mark of distinction of Black Tea is found in the deep dark colour which is achieved through the fermentation process.  To brew a proper cup black tea requires the most product 2 tsp=3g/cup, as compared to white teas requiring only 1g/cup.  Never oversteep teas as this will create a bitter brew.  If you desire a stronger tea add more tea leaves.  The loose leaf teas offered on this page are packaged in 60g bags. For more tea selections and packaging size options including our custom blends made with only organic ingredients please go to our Organic Teas Site located here.


Assam Black Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: Highly esteemed Assam growing region of India.  Full bodied and malty.  Good coffee alternative which stands up very well to  milk and sugar added.                                                 
60g bag: $8.55  Add to Cart

Earl Grey Black Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: Sri Lanka & India.  Fermented to perfection with a pinch of exotic bergamot oil.  Ultra fine tea, elegant endearing classic.                                                                             
60g bag: $8.75  Add to Cart


English Breakfast Black Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: China.  Dark & hearty brew, nice with milk and honey. One of the more popular breakfast teas world-wide and an enduring favourite in Canada.                                   
60g bag:  $8.17  Add to Cart 


OolongTea:  Organic, Origin: China.  An affordable bulky tea which brews at 1 tsp./cup.  Oolong is unique because of the process of partial fermentation which produces a diverse arrangement of both off-green and black leaves.  A tasty, full bodied tea which appeals to both black and green tea drinkers.       
60g bag: $9.77  Add to Cart   


Gunpowder Green Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: China.  Dark bold colour with a striking and memorable taste.  Leaves are hand rolled into small balls resembling gunpowder pellets, maximum required 1 tsp/cup for full brew.    
60g bag:  $8.79  Add to Cart


Jasmine Green Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: China.  An affordable luxury, elegant and inexpensive tea of exceptional quality brewed at only 1 tsp/cup. Made from freshly picked green tea leaves semi-fermented within fresh Jasmine flowers.       
60g bag: $11.68  Add to Cart


White Peony Tea:  Organic, Origin: China.  "White Tea" refers to the youth of the tea leaf and tight young buds without the tannin bitterness present in other green teas.  Bulky tea, super economical will brew 60 cups.  High in anti-oxidants.                
60g bag: $9.90  Add to Cart


Honeybush Red Tea:  Organic, Origin: Africa.  A super fruity delight which is naturally sweet and with an almost unbelievable taste!  This tangy, magnificent tea is imported from the Cape of Good Hope.  All natural flavour, wonderful tea selection for children.  Brew as hot or a delicious iced tea.                           
60g bag: $7.30  Add to Cart


Rooibos Red Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: Highest mountain summit in South Africa.  An ultra fine, delicate tea with a superior natural sweetness which is unsurpassed.  Drinks down smooth and succulent with an aromatic after taste.
60g bag: $6.11  Add to Cart


Yerba Mate Tea:  Organic + Fair Trade, Origin: South America.  A truly delectable classic harvested at its peak to produce a bold flavour with a smooth and distinct colour with a mild caffeine kick.  High in anti-oxidants.                 
60g bag: $6.10  Add to Cart  


For more tea selections please go to our Tea Shoppe index at


Our most popular reasonably priced infusers to brew the perfect cup!

A good quality stainless steel two inch tea ball infuser is presented on a white background.  The fine mesh is excellent for brewing organic teas and organic herbs with no sulphites, no gluten, no irradiation and no sanitary gasses from Organic Teas Canada dot com.

Tea Infuser - 2"/5cm

Mesh Ball

Stainless Steel

For single cup or small teapot use.  Fill ball half full with tea/herbs and immerse in boiling water and allow to steep.
$4.50 each  Add to Cart


A handy handled stainless steel tea ball infuser is pictured on a white background.  Designed for single cup use this mesh teaspoon opens scissor-style excellent for brewing organic teas and organic herbs with no sulphites, no gluten, no irradiation and no GMOs from Organic Teas Canada dot com.
Tea Infuser
1 3/4"/4.44cm


Mesh Ball with Handle, Stainless Steel
Designed for single cup use, a handy fine mesh teaspoon.  Nice easy load clamp-style design, squeeze handle to open mesh ball and fill.
$4.95 each  Add to Cart


A beautiful basket style stainless steel tea infuser perfect for single cup and single mug use is displayed on a white background   A lovely celestial pattern is cut into the shiny rim and would definitely make a lovely gift for any tea drinker to brew organic teas and organic herbs with no sulphites, no gluten, no irradiation and no GMOs from Organic Teas Canada dot com.
Tea Infuser
2"/5cm Celestial Mesh
Stainless Steel - Fits on the rim of your cup - elegant gift item

Innovative single cup strainer easy to fill, to use and to clean.  Measures 3.75"/9.5cm in diameter.  Fits cup opening 2-3"/5cm-7.5cm.

$11.50 each  Add to Cart



An attractive organic tea gift box set sits open with several varieties of fresh and fragrant organic loose leaf green tea varieties and a stainless steel tea ball.  The gift collection is complimented with green recycled paper fill and a vibrant green bow another very inexpensive quality gift from Organic Teas Canada dot com and the Sandy Hook Soap Factory made in Canada.

We make several varieties
of inexpensive quality gifts
which may be found here.
Glorious Green

Boxed Tea Set

All wrapped up and ready to
gift!  A lovely selection of ultra
fine loose leaf green tea with
our own custom blended herbal
green tea which will brew over
40 delicious cups.  Contains: 20g
Jasmine Green Tea, 15g Lemon 
Green, 25g Green Rooibos &
20g White Peony complete with
a good quality stainless steel
tea ball.              Only $18.00


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All Organic Dried Herbs and Herbal Teas 



Five bundles of freshly dried herbs are displayed hanging against a weather beaten grey barn wall in this photo from Organic Teas Canada dot com offering free shipping, free product rewards and home made truly natural soaps at great prices!

A beautiful display of organic herbal tea in a clear glass cup and saucer with fresh chamomile flowers, peppermint and verbena presented in a reflected surface.  One can almost smell the bright fragrant herbs free from pesticides, irradiation and sulphites shipped at a very low flat rate shipping fee to anywhere in Canada by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory and their Organic Teas Canada dot com.

There is nothing much more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh taste of a fragrant herbal tea.  Wonderfully tantalizing to the palate, herbs help provide a very economical beverage choice without caffeine.  Our supplier has a vast network of growers around the world and are able to hand select only the finest botanical material based exclusively on taste, aroma and colour.  The result is a superb cup with an unrivaled flavor profile which is sure to make you feel good all over. 

Fresh dried herbs make all the difference in the world to the quality of your brew.  They result in a bold cup with a distinctive flavour rarely found in mass marketed products.  Always use caution when purchasing botanical material many unscrupulously market inferior product, incorrect botanical identity or old warehouse stock.  You will find a few of our more popular herbs here and also welcome you to visit our Organic Teas Canada website for several pages of some of the best quality botanicals available anywhere at very low prices for organic.


Chamomile Flowers, Organic:  We are pleased to offer German Chamomile Flowers grown in Egypt.  Chamomile tea is one of the most popular of herbal "teas" or tisanes and brews with an apple-like taste and smell.  Genus: Matricaria recutita.  Avoid if you have extreme sensitivity to Ragweed.                       
45g bag:  $6.49  Add to Cart


Chamomile-Ginger Herbal Tea, Organic:  Ginger is the most available and most widely used herb on the planet.  Billions use it every day as both food and medicine.  This tea is a  wonderful pairing creating a fragrant cup of pure and unadulterated fresh and fragrant quality chamomile and ginger root.                            
45g bag:  $5.28  Add to Cart


Lavender Flowers, Organic:  Our lavender flowers are of the prized genus Lavandula Angustifolia and are grown in a highly skilled growing region in France.  Popular in tea and as culinary lavender for cooking for thousands of years.       
45g bag:  $7.79  Add to Cart


Lemon Balm Leaf, Organic:  Genus: Melissa officinalis.  Lemon Balm is from the mint family with a distinctively lemony scent and flavour.  It is taken as a tea for it's relaxing qualities.  Buy Lemon Balm from reputable sources to assure quality & botanical identity as some are selling Citronella as Lemon Balm.         
45g bag:  $6.70  Add to Cart


Nettle Leaf, Organic:  Better known in Canada as stinging nettles or Urtica dioica.  In dried form nettle leaf is used in teas.  Supplier Caution:  Because of its diuretic and hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle leaf. Its long term, extended use is not recommended.                      
45g bag:  $4.94  Add to Cart


Peppermint Leaf, Organic:  Genus: Mentha piperitaOne of the planet's favourite and inexpensive herbal infusion brewing at a mere .15 cents per delicious organic cup!  Chemical pretenders can never match it's unique and refreshing taste.    
45g bag:  $4.94  Add to Cart


Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic:  Genus: Rubus idaeusRaspberry leaf tea is very pleasant tasting, much like black tea with a light fruity undernote.  North American women of Cherokee, Mohawk & Iroquois Nations drank tea made from Raspberry Leaf on quite a regular basis.                                                   
45g bag:  $4.55  Add to Cart


Bedtime Herbal Tea:  In many cultures, for countless centuries it has been a ritual to brew a cup of tea prior to retiring for the night.  We invite you to start your own tradition with our relaxing bedtime tea.  All organic ingredients:  German chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaf & English lavender flowers.            
45g bag:  $6.55  Add to Cart 


Rejuvenating Formula Tea:  We wanted to create a special blend to help lift your spirits & at the same time help you relax.  We hope that you enjoy this fruity, sweet and fresh organic herbal tea treat!  All organic ingredients:  German chamomile flowers, honeybush red tea, raspberry leaf & orange peel.    
45g Bag:  $6.55  Add to Cart
24 reasonably priced herbal selections in choice of packaging sizes.  See 
our Herb Shoppe index at for more details



All Organic Cooking Spices


A bright and enticing display presents of organic spices in glass bowls on a bamboo mat with loose non irradiated cinnamon sticks and green fennel seed scattered about.  Lovely rich hues of brown, yellow and burnt orange from the fresh and fragrant organic ground spice packaged by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory quality organic spice packagers in Canada botanical product of Mountain Rose Herbs.

Why Buy Our Organic?

For taste, for quality, for freshness, for goodness sake!  Our fresh and fragrant spices are never sprayed with sanitary gasses such as fungicides or sulphite treatments.  They are not sourced from genetically modified organisms, irradiated to artificially prolong shelf life or combined with gluten fillers to stretch and for aesthetic purposes.  Our ethical Supplier deals directly with farmers world-wide and supports sustainable farming and fair trade setting an admirable business standard. packages over 40 varieties of fresh and fragrant quality spices to add a new depth to your culinary creations.  These exquisite spices are sourced from farmers throughout the world grown organically with no GMO's, no irradiation, no gluten, no fillers, no sulphites and no sanitary gases.  Truly wonderful products at exceptionally low prices.  In many cases our prices are lower than the conventional large stores for non-organic selections.  Don't take our word for it, compare our prices with other Stores/Sites.

Time to go through the cupboards!  For the best cooking results you should refresh your spices every year.  Please hold onto the bottles and reuse.  We believe in minimal packaging and will be sending your spices in compostable sustainable wood cello bags.


The following are some of our most popular varieties and packaging sizes for your quick shopping convenience:



Basil Leaf, Organic:  Popular culinary herb used to flavour sauces, soups as well as complimenting tomato & Mediterranean dishes.           
22g Bag:  $2.93  Add to Cart


Bay Leaf, Organic:  Enhances the taste of any soup, stew or sauce.  Use crumbled or whole, may be consumed as a tea.                                    
11g Bag:  $2.16  Add to Cart


Black Pepper Ground, Fair Trade+Organic:  Origin: Southwest Malabar Coast, India.  Excellent quality ground peppercorns, table staple.     
45g Bag:  $5.72  Add to Cart


Cayenne Pepper Powder, Organic:  35,000 H.U.  Used in many of the world's cuisines for thousands of years.  A little goes a very long way!        
45g Bag:  $3.40  Add to Cart


Cinnamon Cassia Powder, Organic:  Popular in baking and hot beverages.  Quality ground cassia bark of 3% oil.  Excellent pricing!            
45g Bag:  $2.78  Add to Cart


Cumin Seed Powder, Organic:  A very distinctive spice which makes a strong presence. Pungent, sharp, slightly sweet.                                           
45g Bag:  $4.33  Add to Cart


Dill Weed, Organic:  Fragrant and flavourful.  Delicious added to soups, especially borscht and nice accent to cabbage dishes.                    
22g Bag:  $3.15  Add to Cart


Garlic Powder, Organic:  A culinary ingredient for over 5000 years, handy for cooking in this form. Garlic is tasty, odiferous and medicinal.           
45g Bag:  $4.40  Add to Cart 


Ginger Root Powder, Organic: One of the most widely used herbs on the planet. Popular in teas, herbal formulations, baking & cooking.               
45g Bag:  $5.25  Add to Cart


Onion Granules, Organic:  Handy in this form for addition to soups, sauces and stews.  Very fragrant, very tasty, holds well in the cupboard.      
45g Bag:  $4.02  Add to Cart


Oregano Leaf, Organic:  A staple in our spaghetti sauces, pizzas, and minestrone soup.  An absolute must for Italian recipes!                                    
22g Bag:  $2.85  Add to Cart


Paprika Powder, Organic: One of the mildest chili peppers.  Popular usage in soups, casseroles and as a garnish on egg or potato dishes.    
45g Bag:  $4.60  Add to Cart


Paprika Powder Smoked, Organic: Origin: Spain.  Paprika is a mild chili pepper adding a smooth smoked flavour to fine food dishes.                      
45g Bag:  $4.30  Add to Cart


Parsley Leaf, Organic:  May be added to most any food except sweets.  Lightens the taste of garlic & the odour of fish.  Great price!                   
22g Bag: $2.62  Add to Cart


Rosemary Leaf, Organic:   A popular culinary spice for centuries especially to flavour meats, including lamb, stocks and stews.                            
22g Bag: $2.08  Add to Cart


Sage Leaf, Organic:  Popular spice often used with meats, soups, salads and of course our all time favourite poultry stuffing.                                     
22g Bag: $2.46  Add to Cart


Thyme Leaf, Organic:   Especially common in Mediterranean and French cuisine.  Favourite seasoning for meats, soups & stews.                 
22g Bag: $2.15  Add to Cart


Turmeric Root Powder, Organic:  We use in our pickling recipes and in vegan "chicken soup", adds a beautiful natural yellow to the recipes.        
45g Bag: $3.70  Add to Cart


For 25 more organic spice selections in various convenient packaging sizes please visit
our Spice Shoppe Collection at



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Truly Lavender Soap: for all skin types, including sensitive.  Vegan selection enriched with all organic whole coconut milk, raw cocoa butter and Shea Butter.  Full ingredients hereAdd to Cart
Summer Soap: for all skin types.  Great camping or gardening soap, may be used on the hair, the scent of dark Patchouli will remain with you for hours.  Vegan  Full ingredients hereAdd to Cart
Fresh Citrus Kitchen Hand Soap: Designed to remove cooking odours like onions and raw fish from your hands and at the same time soothing tired overworked skin with organic colloidal oatmeal.  Will last for months!  Full ingredients here

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Serving Canada:  Please visit the websites of our nation and those of our provincial GovernmentsNewfoundland & Labrador (NL), Prince Edward Island (PE / P.E.I.), Nova Scotia (NS), New Brunswick (NB), Quebec (QC / PQ), Ontario (ON), Manitoba (MB), Saskatchewan (SK), Alberta (AB)British Columbia (BC), Yukon (YT), Northwest Territories (NT), and Nunavut (NU).



Yerba Mate rivals green tea in having more anti-oxidants and active compounds.